So two and a half days into Pre-Departure Training and I’m excited, tired and overwhelmed.

Excited because it’s amazing to be around 117 other people who are all incredibly interesting, stupidly friendly and are as excited as me. You can pretty much engage in conversation with anyone at anytime with no need for bullshit small talk. Its so refreshing to meet these people.

Tired because of these painfully early mornings following late nights drinking at the bar. Nights which only promise to get later as the week progresses.

And lastly – overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the inordinate amounts of information they are trying to provide us with before we leave. A really well supported and planned program. They are really trying to hammer it into us that it won’t be all smooth sailing over there.

Another three days here, including what promises to be a fancy cocktail party with MP’s at Old Parliament House tomorrow evening and a formal visit to the Vietnamese Embassy and the Ambassador on Thursday where I’ve been nominated as the individual charged with personally introducing everyone to his Excellency (that’s how we are supposed to address him…) Totally going to fuck that one up.

Not long now till we depart.

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