Walking through Pitt St Mall today, some chick brushed past me as we waited at the lights. I checked her out head to toe. She was wearing thongs so I started staring at her feet. Then I realised there was some weird colouring to them. So naturally – I dropped to my hands and knees for closer inspection, only to discover…..this chick had spray-tanned her feet.

Just the top of her feet.

Not the sides or the bottom.

Just the top.

Who the FUCK spray tans their feet?

To cap it off, she was wearing tights…..wait for it….wait for it…..AS PANTS!

I hate being judgemental, but this was actually just plain fucking ridiculous.

I wanted to take a photo to share it, but she was notably larger than me so I was somewhat fearful of what would happen if she caught me mid-shot. Oh well, hopefully my narrative was illustrative enough for y’all

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