Arrival and HOUSE!

So after a rather prolonged journey from Sydney – Melbourne – Singapore – Hanoi. I arrived at midday local time on Tuesday.

Today was a winning day as Kate – my new housemate – described it. Why? Well after spending an afternoon house hunting – we found an incredible house, and it was only the fourth house we visited which is really not many houses at all. Mind you the first two of those houses were absolutely horrible, and on top of that we seriously thought the landlord who showed us around house #1 was going to stab Kate in the face for wearing her shoes inside briefly.

Anyways, the place we settled on seems to be a bit far from my work (7.4km according to Maps) but it’s better located for my new housemates relative to their workplaces, and  let me reiterate – it’s a really nice place. It will cost me $250 a month to live there, so stand by for some photos when we move in next week. It’s four bedrooms with a nice rooftop area to sink some Tigers on the hammock, it’s also really modern – polished floorboards. Really quite happy with it as long as the commute to work doesn’t turn out to be life threatening.

Oh another thing I did today which was incredibly tiring, but rewarding in a sense was  negotiate with our new landlord and estate agent about the conditions of our rental contract….in Vietnamese. Now that might not be at all impressive when you think ‘Waiiiiit a minute, that studmuffin Nugen can speak Vietnamese though! What the hell is he boasting about?’. BUT the difference in accent – them being from the North and myself from the South should not be underestimated, and also my previous experience in the Vietnamese language hasn’t really called upon me to acquire the vocab for property negotiation surprisingly. BUT fingers crossed I did alright, and we don’t get completely stooged when we move in next Monday.

Anyways I feel a tad under the weather from overdosing on Vietnamese coffee this morning, so I am off to watch some Sunny in Philly.

Over and out haters.

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