Tea anyone?

So on the weekend I was unwittingly roped in to attend the Thai Nguyen International Tea Festival as a representative of the other NGO which we office share with. I only agreed because I thought it was a team bonding exercise.

I was wrong.

It was me going. Alone. As the sole representative of the mob we office share with. Not work for mind you. Office share with. Anyways, no problem right?

Wrong again Noogs.

The first stop on our weekend tour turned out to be a visit to the Peoples Committee (read: commies) hall for an official meeting with the leader of the provincial government. It was all going boringly well until an official whispered in my ear that I was supposed to take the stage next to detail the hopes and aspirations of my organisations goals and aspirations for this province. Needless to say – I didn’t know shit about ‘my’ organisation, let alone their bloody goals or aspirations.

Anyways. Anti-climatic end. The white dude ahead of me gave some overly passionate speech on his life long feelings on drinking tea bla bla bla, and in doing so – ate into all my allotted speech time. I was given profuse apologies by the organisers for not being able to do my entirely nonexistent speech and the weekend moved on.

The rest of the weekend involved buffet meals, visiting green tea fields (again) and a truly painful opening ceremony extravaganza. As my photos try to depict, the opening ceremony was just a god-awful clash of colours, seriously deafening music and lasers beamed directly into the crowd.

To top it off, the green tea we were given throughout the weekend tasted horrible.

However, the weekend wasn’t an entire loss. I met a range of other awesome young people working in the development sector up here in Hanoi.

Conical Hats picking tea leaves

Emmanouel and myself

AK47s and an electronic camp fire equates to an awesome tea festival exhibition

Shit. Everywhere!

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