Angel Nguyen

I have come to the conclusion that Kenyans address you not by your actual name, but by an adjective best describing you. That would be the only explanation for why the nice Kenyan man waiting for me this morning at Nairobi airport was holding up a sign saying ‘Angel Nguyen‘ right….? Either way, this misunderstanding of my name still doesn’t beat me somehow being enrolled in year 7 as Angrew Nguyen

Anyways, moving on, as mentioned before, on my way to Kenya I had a stopover in Bangkok which I used to semi-good effect by visiting a random fixie-bike shop to see what the market was like there in case I wanted to bring a schmick bicycle back with me when I am in Bangkok again in a few weeks. Conclusion – amazing bikes – but overpriced, unsuitable for Vietnamese shit roads, and guaranteed to get stolen in no time at all. Apart from that my Thai time involved me feasting on local food and people watching in Siam. For those of you not familiar with Bangkok, Siam from my understanding is the major shopping slash young people hangout in Bangkok. Think of it like the North Rocks of Bangkok for those of you familiar with Sydney.

So I really enjoyed my time in Bangkok as always. The young people there all have their own cool and distinct fashion styles which is great to witness and there is just a cool buzz to the place. Also – I find Thai people incredibly friendly. Example – my cabbie for the fixie-visit was having trouble finding the shop with my poorly translated address and she didn’t have a phone to call them to clarify. So she pulled over and used her own money to call them from a pay phone to lock the location down. In hindsight…this act of kindness makes me feel kind of bad for pulling a runner on her afterwards…

Most of the shops in Bangkok were sandbagged in prep for the floods which I still saw signs of near the canals.

The view from the stairs of my plane upon landing in Nairobi. TIA!

Anyways, since arriving in Nairobi, I’ve met my boss and another team-member, had lunch at some swanky Mediterranean place and been told how I should avoid leaving our compound alone at all costs, and to beware of major gathering areas as there has been a spike in grenade attacks lately within the city due to some political turmoil involving Somali terrorism. Awesome. Apart from that, it’s kind of awe-inspiring being here when I really do not anything at all about cultural norms and geopolitics within the region. Definitely a lot of room to learn.

Aite. Time to try and get a feed of the Chelsea Liverpool match through this insane thunderstorm which just started.

Nugen over and out.


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