Waka Waka

So my time in Africa is now done. I was able to see both Nairobi and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, and I must say I probably preferred Addis. Perhaps it was the fact that I was able to get out and about a bit more here in Addis then I was in Nairobi, but I think it was also the fact that in Addis I was able to meet and befriend some locals and they were phenomenally nice. I must say – Africa has been quite an amazingly friendly place, and it really does embarrass many parts of Asia in that aspect.

Random Addis Ababa street corner

Anyways, I wasn’t able to see as much wildlife as I would’ve liked, but that was plainly due to the fact that I wasn’t able to really get out of Nairobi to the nearby National Parks. The closest encounters I had with wildlife in Africa were the giant tortoises which roamed around the campus here in Addis and which had made my bosses backyard their makeshift home. Apart from that, the other wildlife I was able to see was at the gorge near Debre Libanos where there were amazingly large African falcons and vultures (wing spans of approx 2metres) circling quite low overhead looking for prey. Actually whilst driving through a small village on the way to the gorge, there were about three of these frighteningly large birds swooping onto the road in front of our jeep in a synchronised manner as they attempted to pick up some prey. Needless to say it was insane, and that they eventually got their prey – a rodent of some sort – and flew off. Insane.

Peter, Annelies and Ewen on the cliff face of the gorge

The view from the cliff of the gorge with the large terraces and the Abbey River – one of the two major tributaries for the Nile.

The other highlight of my time would’ve probably been last Friday night when a few of us foreigners on campus explored the nightlife of Addis. It ranged from small darkly lit and incredibly shady Ethiopians-only Shisha lounge, to underground clubs with slow African dancing to full on Euro-trash dance clubs. Needless to say – it was an awesome night, with the clear highlight being in Platinum where I carved up the dance floor with a bunch of other Africans to Waka Waka.

Haggling for cabs in downtown Addis

Next stop – New Delhi, India.


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