Trapped in the Kingdom of Lust

So, for those of you who know me, you are acutely aware of how everywhere I go I am surrounded by gaggles of women right? Well with that in mind, I was still quite surprised when I jumped on the metro at Rejendra Place station in Delhi last night and took a look around to see a carriage overflowing with women.

Turns out, the front carriage of the metro is reserved for women. Something I only found out after some woman kindly whispered that to me, leading to a long walk of shame through the carriage with people muttering ‘oh my god’ and basically receiving looks reserved for perverts (e.g. Behrad).

So after that enlightening experience – under the recommendation of Jimmy, I went to a joint called Galutis and ordered myself a Murgh Makhani, Lahsuni Naan and Steamed Rice, which for the uncultured amongst you, that basically means I ordered a Butter Chicken, Garlic Naan and Steamed Rice.

Unfortunately, curries never seem to photograph well, even if the photographer has mad skillz like I do, however let me make this clear. The meal was monumental. Life changing. Hell, I might rush back before the plane tonight now that I think of it. Thank you Jimmy!

The other highlight of my night is replicated for you below. I assume that ‘love’ in this instance is the serious looking dude in the portrait with a handgun. Now I just gots to work out what the Kingdom of Lust is. Holy shit, I just read that it is inspired by a true story. Can this get any better?

Scrap Gulatis actually. I am going to go watch this Bollywood master piece after work. Stand by for a full review.


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