Lazy Wednesday Afternoon

So I am working from ‘home’ this week as my office is closed whilst the administrative staff attend a retreat. So I’ve been making the most of it by dragging my housemate around whilst I cycle around town on my new wheels (pic to come) and buy random household goods for my new room (pic to come) and reacquaint myself with good old Vietnamese coffee.

In other news I am off to Bangkok in the evening to cover a conference over there for a few days. So expect some more Bangkok related posts. Although at this stage I think I will be be confined to my hotel and the conference centre there.

Better posts to come hopefully when everything has settled down again.


One thought on “Lazy Wednesday Afternoon

  1. what a life in vn nugen? glad that you’re enjoying it. do you have a mob number over so that i can call and have a chat sometime? love

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