Learn Learn Learn

Towards the end of tenth grade we were asked by our school to select what subjects we’d like to take for our HSC, which for my non-Australian readers is basically our high school finals. So despite my protestations that I was very weak in all scientific disciplines, I elected to take up Physics as father told me it would help in scaling my marks up. Wellllll – turns out my school agreed with me. This was indicated to me in a private meeting I had with the Head of Science shortly after subject nominations were submitted, where I was advised quite clearly that I should seriously seriously consider not taking any scientific subject as I was officially one of, if not – the worst – performing student in year ten science.

With that in mind, you can only imagine how out of my depth I was when I rocked up to Bangkok last weekend as the communications consultant for a conference on the emergence of infectious zoonotic diseases in South East Asia. Nevertheless, I managed to plod my way through the weekend, learnt an enormous amount, a lot of it on the fly as there was nobody there to directly teach me and also gave an impromptu speech on you guessed it….Modern Communications Techniques in Science!

My view for the weekend

After that, I flew back to Hanoi for a night and then straight down to Saigon the next day to shadow a French epidimologist who was acting as a consultant to a few national bodies here who are in the midst of planning a major research project. It was incredibly insightful again, and I am now entrenched in the team meaning I will be back in the South come April to do a field trip where we draw biological samples from a thousand pigs and their farmers/slaughter house workers. Interesting no?

Apart from that, I am in Saigon till Sunday to celebrate me birthday with some of my good mates here which should make for a very interesting weekend. Stand by for more bung-eyed photos of me like that one below.

Bun Thit Nuong with my Aunt in Saigon


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