A Seperation

I saw this flick last night and highly recommend a watch if it ever crosses your path. The best foreign film I’ve seen since Mother I think it was. Mind you, I don’t see enough foreign films. Not sure though how reflective it is of true middle class Iran. Any ideas?


4 thoughts on “A Seperation

  1. Nice to see this film reach your sights. Saw it a while back and thought it was brilliant. Thought it was unlike the majority of internationally renown Iranian films. If you know what I mean…

    Speaking of foreign films, highly recommend DOGTOOTH if you ever get a chance. Greek film. Extremely good. Chillingly good.

  2. Advice taken on board. I will be downloading that movie this week. Also got recommended some film called Incedenies or something. I am sure it’s crossed your radar before filmophile..

    • Nice, nice. Hope you haven’t actually read anything about the film. It’s best seen without knowing anything. Saw Incendies a while back too! Pretty good, kinda long, but very French. Have you seen any Michael Haneke before? Get your hands on ‘Funny Games’ (1997). Chilling stuff.

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