Back to Addis

So I find myself back in Addis again. I landed here this morning after a long-haul flight from Bangkok and will be here for the next 48hrs or so for my teams annual meeting. Hopefully I will be of some use, or get something from it as it’s quite the journey and Ethiopian airlines is really quite bad. Especially if you are flying for ten hours with them.

Anyways, this week as you probably know if you have any Asian friends is Chinese New Year, which means it’s a public holiday week back in Hanoi, and thus all my friends in Nam are off gallivanting around Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia or anywhere that ain’t Vietnam basically. I would’ve been in Seoul right now if it weren’t for this last minute trip, but no biggie as that would’ve burnt a hole in my pocket when I have bigger (travel) fish to fry towards the end of this year and Addis ain’t too bad as there is SUNNNNNNN, which if I haven’t made clear from earlier posts is pretty much non-existent Jan-Feb in Hanoi.

Did you know that Ethiopia is where coffee originated? Well, at least that is what my colleagues here tell me. Either way it’s really stupidly good. Although, as a non-coffee drinker, I might not the best source, but it easily beats any coffee I’ve had back in Australia. Nonetheless, today I had four macchiatos as that seems to be the norm here – constant coffee breaks. Below, I have included a photo of my first one I had at the Zebu club which is the on-campus cafe/bar here for your viewing pleasure.

Macchiato from Zebu with Liya and others

After work I was supposed to have dinner with a colleague from Nairobi, but he unfortunately slept through our man-date so I just ventured off alone which is something I didn’t really do last time I was here. So off I took, out of the compound, past the nice guards at the gate, and off down the road into dark dark Addis. Needless to say, I was scared shitless despite being told Addis was relatively safe. Hell I even tucked my iPhone into my underwear to lessen the chance of me losing it if I got mugged. It wouldn’t have taken much to mug me tonight, I was that out of my zone out there. Anyways, turns out there was no need to heighten my chances of testicular cancer as I wasn’t disturbed at all by the Addis citizentry as I walked 2km out of the compound, and found myself a little takeaway joint and had a burger and fries for $US2.50 whilst reading this insightful article about Apple, China and the US economy.

Scanning for threats in Addis

Anyways I will finish this rather plain post with a photo of my living room/kitchen in my accommodation here in Addis. Enjoy! Oh and also, have a read of Dr Charlie Teo’s Australia day speech. Enjoyable.


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