After three and a half months, I have finally managed to procure myself a room with wait for it….a desk! Non-Flourescent bulb lighting! Annnnnnnnd A WARDROBE WHERE I CAN HANG MY CLOTHES! As opposed to hanging clothes on ranomly placed pre-existing hooks in my room (see below). Oh and I get a balcony and natural light too now, which hopefully means friends won’t come over and be genuinely concerned that I am living in a dungeon (Kate) anymore…. Photos to come once I decorate it some more.

And how did I come about this awesome new arrangement? Well sadly to do so I had to lose an awesome housemate – Nat – who moved back to Melbourne on Tuesday as a result. As a homage to her, I’ve included a photo of us at her farewell drinks which looking back on it, seemed to be at a bar with a very prison like theme….


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