Here are some photos of my housemate Anh and I enjoying a mid-afternoon Vietnamese dessert or three. I can’t name for you what the main one is. From memory however, I do believe it consisted of condensed milk (surprise surprise), mung beans…some other beans…coconut…? Anyways, twas good, as is implied in Anhy’s euphoric face in the second of the two photos below.

In other exciting news, I went with Liam today to hire a motorbike. I got a fully-automatic one as I am a newb, whereas Liam got a semi-auto as he is a real man. I just went for a trial run around my block, and managed to come back and unscathed. Inspired with confidence – I am now going to ride out to meet some friends for drinks and test out my skills whilst intoxicated.

Nugen. Over and out.


3 thoughts on “About-to-wrap-myself-around-a-pole

  1. I tend to find that with a little intoxication comes a lot more excitement. No recollection of what it was like with lots of intoxication. Good luck in Vietnamese traffic, though!

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