The week that was

So, just going to throw together a quick post right now as I have a collection of photos that I’ve been meaning to get out. Trying to take my camera out and about a bit more, so you are going to have bare with me as I just post day-to-day shots of my life here with the most threadbare of witty written commentary, which is really – what you are all really here for.

So first up this week was me getting used to riding my sweet new hog. Honestly, it’s an automatic and has been pretty damn easy. Although, the max speeds you can ‘safely’ reach here is only about 40km/h which on a motorbike is still quite frightening. Especially when you consider the quality of the roads here and the particularly high rate of mentally disordered road users who are around. Based on this week, I’ve managed to conclude that if I was on a motorbike back in Australia and was going at 80km an hour on average, I would unquestionably be dead within the week.

Below are some glamour shots of my road chariot.

Also this week saw the arrival of the Piercy sisters from Sydney, fresh from a month or so of scuba’n over in Thailand. They were here for a few days and spent the time mocking me with their tans and tales of actually having seen the sun in the last month. In return I took them out for a couple of meals which they seemingly enjoyed, despite one having an aversion to tomatoes, and the other – coriander (freaks). I think their favourite meal here was Pho Bo, which is something I barely ever take visitors to go eat, but is seemingly an obvious starting point for visitors without extensive Vietnamese food experience. Below I have included a shot of them having a face-off over dinner in B&W to show you how artistic I can be.

Next up, I had dinner with young Bonnie who is my good friends (whaddup Migie!) little sister. It’s quite odd as she is only 18yo and believe it or not, I haven’t really fraternized with someone that young for a while, however – she’s quite an affable young chap so she has made for good company. She will be here for the next five weeks or so partaking in a volunteer program of some capacity, so expect her to feature a bit more here and there, especially as I plan on taking her out to get hammered (whaddup Migie!). Below I have included a photo courtesy of Bons blog of a meal of Pho Cuon we shared the other night. Yummo.

That takes us through to today where I had lunch with Linh at a totally out-of-the-way alley which had a few great street food stalls. Today we had Bun Rieu Cua Oc Bo Gio sold from a delightful old little lady that was incredibly popular and now I am off to have dinner with my landlord at a Bia Hoi for fresh beer and hotpot. Another week of adventures in Hanoi awaits.


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