Lions Balls and Tam Coc

Bit of a gap between posts this time. My bad. Just sitting here in a cafe doing my work watching a hamster looking teen try to kickstart his old school Vespa. Might not sound like the most riveting thing to see. But here’s the kicker. He is being basked by sunlight. This glorious afternoon sunlight which is breaking through the grey skies of Hanoi. It’s the first semblance of real sunshine I’ve seen in a while, and my god is it good. So please let me get carried away and get all romantic about it.  I know I’ve said it before in this blog somewhere, but sunshine makes life so much damn better. Something you definitely take for granted growing up under the constant blue skies of Sydney. Although, in saying that, I read an article the other day saying they’ve had a torrid summer this year. Suckers!

So since my last post. What have been the main talking points? Well I think I mentioned in the post before this that I was planning on having a drink with my landlord? Well yeah I did. And that got a tad out of hand. How out of hand Nugen?

Well thanks to the magical mix of peer pressure and home made antler and lions balls rice wine, I ended up giving my cab driver a 300% tip, losing my credit card – and only realising two days later when I regained a state of functional sobriety.

Which was as it turns out – too late.

By the time I got around to checking my account, the rather proficient recipients of my 28degrees card had racked up a $402 bill at the local mega-mart, and wait for it – twenty two individual taxi bills!. In one day! Efficient little fockers weren’t they?

I’ve been advised that I should be covered for all that however, so don’t be too concerned kids.

In the midst of this whole debacle, I also took a day trip to Tam Coc with some friends. It’s a nice little picturesque area about a hundred clicks south of Hanoi. All in all, it was quite an enjoyable day with the only downsides being the 3hr bumpy-ass bus ride each way in the freezing minibus which made us all suicidal. The highlight however was having a local dude row us down the river into the grottoes in his little sampan. Very picturesque indeed. Refer to the photos below.

Unfortunately for y’all, I’ve decided not to include any photos from my ill-fated drinking session as I look like I’ve been badly drugged.


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