Oh Vietnam. How I love thee.

It all started the Saturday just gone by. The weather was nice for Hanoi (i.e. I saw the sun), so Linh and I thought we’d jump on my bike and go for a joy ride. We ended up over the Red River that borders Hanoi at a delightful little Chè (Vietnamese desserts) joint which specialised in desserts from the South (Chè ba màu or Rainbow Dessert as we call it back home for example). Enthused by this moment, and also by the fact that neither of us had to work in our actual office this week, we decided to fly down to Saigon the next day and spend the week working from there.

The aim was to get some vitamin D and copious amounts of good food into us in between our work. Three days into the trip and we have more than satisfied that aim already. Hell. I would say without a doubt it has been the most enjoyable three days I’ve ever spent in Vietnam.

On arrival at midday Sunday, less than 24hrs after the decision was made, we got a taxi straight to my aunts place in the ‘burbs of Saigon shall we call it. She owns a cafe down here and she herself, as three of my previous Vietnam-backpacker companions can attest – is the most over-extending host you will ever come across. As soon as I walked in, I was given a feast of southern dishes, and then the keys to my own motorbike for the week.

Later that night, Linh and I hit the road and got us another Vietnamese speciality – Bun Thit Nuong. I’ve referenced to  this exact meal before on my blog somewhere, but to refresh your memory…..we are talking vermicelli noodles, seasoned prawn which has been mortar and pestled into a fine paste and then wrapped around sugar cane and grilled, spring rolls and pork which has again been ground up and seasoned with Vietnamese spices and grilled over coals. Mix that all together. Throw in some pickled radish and carrots, slightly fried spring onions, fresh greens and Vietnamese fish sauce, and hey presto – you have without a doubt one of my favourite Vietnamese meals. Below is a close up and also a posed photo of me reacting to the meal. More to come tomorrow when I am not passing out due to all the wine I have drunk tonight.


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