Why aren’t we wordly?

So I haven’t posted for a week or two or something. Forgive me for that, I’ve been in Thailand for a week or so soaking in the rays down on the south coast and soaking in the ah-mazing food and alcohol of Bangkok. Another amazingly great trip away that I will be sure to blog about later this week when I find the time to write up a post and gloat about how amazing of a time I had without you all.

For now though, just a quick post to keep you satiated.

So this afternoon my friends, I once again risked life and limb to bring you another spontaneous shot whilst riding my motorbike home this afternoon. Now if you recall from my previous on-the-move shot of our friend in the feline get up, getting an iPhone shot whilst riding in Hanoi isn’t particularly safe.

Nonetheless, I saw this and thought I had to share.

So you know those stickers that people affix to their vehicles to identify which EU nation they come from? Well this guy decided for whatever reason that it would be best if he covered the entire back of his Mazda 3 in them, and believe me when I say this wasn’t done as a joke on his behalf.

Ok maybe it wasn’t as humorous in hindsight, but whatever – I was on a quiet secluded Thai beach last week and you were probably in an office so I win.


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