Draw Something

So there is a new iPhone game doing the rounds right now called Draw Something. Pretty simple really. You and a friend get a word thrown at you. You draw it. The other person guesses it.

Take for instance this one of my man Gandalf that I quickly sketched up whilst riding my motorbike around this afternoon.

The only problem is when your friend is completely shit at visualization, and/or lacks the simple motor skills to finger paint.

I am talking specifically about a friend who despite being born with full mental functionality – appears, based on the evidence of my time playing with her – to have become severely mentally impaired over her short twenty two year life. I seriously worry for her.

Go on. Guess it. Guess what the hell it is that she is trying to draw.

Now I don’t want to name names or anything because this is a public forum and whatnot. So I’ll just give you an abbreviated version of her name to maintain anonymity.

E Cheng.

Wait. That’s too obvious.

Emily C.

Oh by the way. She was drawing a Squirrel. That’s right, those two smudges in the bottom left. They are meant to be acorns.


8 thoughts on “Draw Something

  1. None of my friends actually believe I drew that you people realize. It’s kind of implied when I said i sketched it up whilst simultaneously riding a motorcycle….

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