I remember on days gone by, I used to get a great kick out of the fact that the friend I’d travel with would get absolutely ravaged by mosquitoes every time we entered the tropics. They would make a point of bathing in repellent hourly to try and hold off the bites, whilst I sat aside laughing at them and taunting them with my unappealing blood which rendered me immune.

Wellllll. Karma be a bitch.

You see, Hanoian mosquitoes seemingly don’t give a shit about blood types. I’ve quickly learnt post-winter, that if I go to sleep with a window open, and haven’t literally lathered myself in repellent, I actually struggle to stay asleep as I am covered in bites within half an hour of passing out. Take now for instance, where I just woke up after an hour of sleep with about 20 bites on my shoulders from those filthy bloodsuckers.

Just you wait mosquitoes. I am going to go out in the morning and fill my room with those bug zapping lamps and sleep in a constant soothing fluorescent glow for the rest of summer.

Checkmate you assholes.


2 thoughts on “Bloodsuckers

  1. I sleep with a net, and thanks to the neighbours’ roosters I have the window closed too. Even then they seem to get inside. Last night I was woken up by me itching and then a high pitched noise in my ear. On one occasion I woke and had to kill six mosquitoes inside the net. It’s hard to imagine how six could get in unless it was some coordinated strike. They must have had diagrams and everything, the first mozzie must have held the net up for the rest. Freaky.

    Frankly though while I have to have a net I can’t be bothered with all that tucking in – save that for the jungle. But otherwise they’re always going to be able to find a way in. The other option for you might be those orange plug-ins you can buy in supermarkets.

    • Cheers Steve. I’ve just resorted to closing my windows and doors and cranking my fan to max in an attempt to throw off their flight. So far so good. Hopefully I can hold out through the summer as I really can’t be bothered with mozzie nets. Which meansssss…you should probably expect another post a few months down the track about how I contracted malaria due to an aversion for mozzie nets.

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