Nippon Numero Uno

So. Here I am. In my room in Osaka with my parents passed out on the beds next to me. I’m kind of drunk because I went out with a girl friends parents who live here and went to the best Izakaya and Sushi restaurant I’ve ever been to. I knocked off a few Japanese draught beers, which are the creamiest, best tap beers ever, and some top grade, ah-mazing Sake..

My Japan trip concludes in a couple of days. Tomorrow is my last day here, so I am planning on hitting Horishima and visiting the A-Bomb museum, and then making it back to Osaka to visit the Tutankhamun exhibition which is on display here in Osaka for a limited time.

So I just wanted to write to express my absolute adoration for this country. The food is without a doubt – something else. The clothes scene is like nothing I’ve ever seen, and like nothing I will ever see. The intricacy of design they put into clothing and interior designs is seriously unparallelled. You really have to make it over here to appreciate the unique culture of Japan.

To finish this drunken post, I’ll post a few choice images. Enjoy!


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