In the morning I am off to Delhi for a work trip for a week or so. Sounds exotic, but I will definitely just be pent up in the hotel just outside of Delhi all week, attending a conference, eating three meals a day in the hotel, and yeah, not really getting to see Delhi at all.  Oh well, at least it gives me a chance to clock up some more Thai Airways Frequent Flyer points.

It might also provide me with an opportunity to write up a couple of blog posts about my recent trip to Japan which I know you are all dying to hear about.

I would’ve got around to it earlier, but since arriving back on Tuesday, I’ve been rather damn busy with work actually. Which is definitely a good thing, and a nice change as strange as that might sound.

The highlight of the week probably would’ve been Wednesday morning, when I was touring 40degree pig pens and slaughterhouses with a group of scientists. Christ. I am getting annihilated by mosquitoes right now. I just killed three on me. Anyways – yeah, quite an enjoyable field trip despite being soaked head to toe in sweat (the Hanoi summer has definitely arrived), and having to be in close proximity to pigs, which are seriously vile creatures.

Thank god they taste so damn good.

Anyways, short post again tonight as I need to get some sleep so I have enough energy to gorge on Bangkok street food during my layover tomorrow afternoon.




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