About to hit the sack here in India. Arrived last night into Delhi airport and missed my pick up, so I had to sit outside for two hours waiting for my driver to return. Needless to say I met all sorts of characters sitting outside Delhi airport trying not to pass out. Quite a place.

Anyways, got to my hotel last night at about one in the morning and had to be up for a full day of workshops at seven. Six hours of sleep are not enough for me. Especially when I spend the day in a windowless conference room with a bunch of scientists discussing pigs, feeds and project planning. By the end of the day, my head felt like exploding.

Lucky then that the hotel we are in, about 30km outside of Delhi is quite damn amazing. Imagine an old Indian fort which has been converted into a bunch of villa-esque blocks, and thats the Manesar Heritage Village Resort.

I spent the early evening having some drinks with my colleagues, and I can now undoubtedly say, that amongst all my friends, I am easily the most well-versed in the Vietnamese smallholder pig industry now. Quite a claim which I am no doubt going to leverage when meeting ladies back in Sydney next year.

Apart from educating me on run-of-the-mill agriculture, my co-workers also had some rather great stories to tell about their work here there and everywhere. Probably the pick of the lot was where a colleague was working in northeast India about a decade ago on pig nutrition, and specifically how smallholders were confronting the growing issue of anorexic pigs in the region. She recounted an encounter she had with a farmer, and when she asked her how they were overcoming it, the Indian woman, in a very nonplussed way, just pulled out a few branches of marijuana and let the researcher do the math.

Anyways, after that cracker of a tale, I will leave you now with a photo I took by the pool earlier tonight.

Laters suckers


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