Pretty busy at work these days hence the lack of a meaningful, entertaining blog post. I can’t seem to shake this extreme drowsiness that overcomes me each day at about 2pm. It might have to do with the fact that I am having a food coma actually. I just end up passing out then and there at my table and wake up with drool all over my face.

Talking about drool. Look what I had for lunch today. Each day our cook makes us a delicious meal and today she whipped up something a bit special. It was Banh Da Tron. Banh Da is basically the name of the noodle. I think it’s a wheat noodle? Alright – I actually have no idea what the noodle is comprised of. But it is from my experience a noodle used exclusively in the north. Anyways the tron basically means ‘mixed’ I am pretty sure. I should probably confirm that. Anyways – we are basically talking noodles with a bunch of fresh veggies, bean sprouts, fried tofu, sauteed beef and crumbed fried fish. There are a few variations of it, but this was the one today. And it was killer. And it was free. As are all my lunches at work. It was followed by free mango for everyone. And then me passing out.

When I’m not at work I am trawling for new friends at the 16-24yo Hanoi super-hotspot – Kem Trang Tien where they serve amazing young rice flavoured ice cream. A must-do when you are in Hanoi. Here is a photo of my mate Nomes in her splendid dress gorging on two at once. Nomnomnom


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