Chandni Chowk

So if you cast your minds back, you might recall that a month or so ago I found myself in India again for a week long workshop. I spent the majority of the week outside of Delhi in a bunker of a meeting room. However for the last afternoon I had no meetings, so I unleashed myself on Delhi, and in particular – Chandni Chowk which from what I gather, is one of the oldest market areas in Delhi. Very old-town-esque really.
Chandni Chowk

So I made my way down there via the new-ish Delhi metro.. I really haven’t spent much time at all in India before, and the last time I was there I was in the ‘new’ areas of Delhi, so this was definitely a different, and very welcome experience. It was an incredibly bustling area. Dirty, dusty, busy, bustling. I just positioned myself on the median strip of the main drag for half an hour snapping photos of passing rickshaws and motorbikes. I got a lot of smiles actually which is always nice.

Chandni Chowk

If you look closely, that kid behind that poor rickshaw driver is shooting me a smile. Thus the previous paragraph holds true.

I spent the rest of my time lost in the incredibly busy little back alleys of Chandni Chowk. I saw some pickpocket get caught by a policeman mid-robbery. The aftermath was not pretty. The policeman had a huge cane and he just went wild on that kids ass. Caning him. Slapping him. Punching him. Kicking him. It was pretty confronting shit as you can imagine.

I sat outside the Red Fort, people watching for an hour or so. The highlight was when I got confronted by a gaggle of giggling middle-aged Indian women. I think they were in awe of oriental-Asian me because they proceeded to take turns posing for photos with me using an old Nokia. They then asked me to take a family photo of them with my cam, unfortunately however, none of them had an email account, so I couldn’t share it with them. So now I have this random family portrait of this Indian family. Oh well.

Oh. Before I forget. Big shout out to my girl Kara Brown for all her hot tips and the hand-drawn map.

Family at the red fort

Tuhin, Ashil, Terry, Mez or anyone else Indian I am friends with. If you recognize these people, get me an email address.

Chandni Chowk
Random Elephants
In the back alleys of Chandni Chowk
Watering hole
Small Child
Desserts Vendor


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