I do work

Contrary to popular belief, I do work over here, and don’t spend all my time gallivanting around the region doing jackshit.

To give you an idea of what kind of work I do, take for instance – a trip I took a week ago to the central highlands of Vietnam – to a province called Binh Phuoc. There I hooked up with some familiar faces from a project we are running regarding Leptosporisis, and in particular – identifying and counteracting the risk factors which lead to animal –> human contraction.

Over the three-day field trip, I was basically documenting the training session we held with local stakeholders bla bla bla. From a social perspective, the ‘highlight’ were the lunches we had at about 11am each morning. They took place in ‘relatively’ opulent restaurants where everyone was expected to throw back 10-15 shots of some heinous home-made rice wine. Let me underline. 11am. The obvious result was everyone passing out before 12.30pm and the afternoon being a complete write off.


BUT. The first few hours of the day were productive. So see. I do work.

If this bland blog post (which was really a vehicle for me posting an awesome shot of me killing a short-sleeve business shirt) got you thirsty for more lepto-related information, click here to see a blog post I wrote for work (awesome photos included).


2 thoughts on “I do work

  1. haroooo. nothing wrong with looking vietnamese! i have no idea when I will be home. I am popping in to the country for a quick weekend wedding early Aug and then back again. maybe I will come and claim that free beer from belgian bier you owe me ey?

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