Congrats Fatman!

Put this post together a week ago or so when I was en route home, so it might not make any sense, or just generally – be really poorly written. Enjoy!

Sitting on a flight now back to Saigon by way of Kuala Lumpur. The flight is being operated by Air Asia, which for those of you not from the SE Asian region, it is the regions principle low-cost carrier, and from memory – officially the world’s ‘best’ low-cost carrier actually. Just a quick note on Air Asia before I continue on. I haven’t flown with them for a good few years I think, but I am quite happy with them actually. They don’t pretend to be a real carrier, and just go about their business, getting you from A to B with minimal fuss. No complaints on their meals – because there are none. No complaints about the service either, as the flight attendants are pleasantly friendly, and quite attractive to boot. The return flight from Sydney to HCMC via KL is costing me something like $320, which makes this all the better. Here ends my completely random endorsement of Air Asia.

So as I might have mentioned in previous posts, I was back in Sydney for a quick five-night jaunt to attend my mate Jason’s wedding, who – you may recall, was the grotesquely unkept character from my recent Mekong trip. The wedding took place literally in the middle of nowhere in Sydney, at some farm. But no matter, it provided a great opportunity to catch up with some of my best mates, be a groomsmen for the first time, drink obscene amounts of free alcohol, watch a groom and bride ‘first-dance’ to Coolio’s Gangster Paradise (it was more of a dance battle truth be told), and see a best mate marry a truly amazing girl. This was the first of my mates to get married, so for those of you more experienced in the domain of ‘best-friend weddings’ – try to cast your mind back to your first such wedding, and how much fun it was. Oh, did I mention – hands down the greatest wedding speeches I will ever witness? But if you knew Jase, you would know what I am talking about. Hearing the groom refer to his new father-in-law as a ‘geriatriach freak’, and his bride as a ‘retard’ during his 10-min speech was well worth the $320 fare. Cheers Fatman, and congrats Alicia!

Here are a few photos my mate Rae took. Some more to come when the actual photographer fronts up with her shots. And yeah, Jase straightened his hair….

Apart from an amazing wedding, I of course caught up with all my mates back home for a multitude of dinners, a 5-hour boozy lunch (which individually cost me half a month of Hanoi-rent) and of course, a lot of time with the family and the Tofunator.

I actually had a bit of the post-holiday blues for a few days on my return. Somewhat surprising actually as I haven’t been hit with that for any recent trip, but I guess it was a combination of living away for so long, being home in winter – which I fucking hate – and staying with the folks in suburbia where life was sooooooo slow and everyone at the local shopping centre was 80 years of age or greater, and an average of 110kg. Whinge bitch whinge bitch waah waah waaah. Anyways, after a few days, I got over the hump, and was enjoying myself again. Now comes decision time as to whether or not I should extend in Vietnam or not. Learning towards to the negatory right this minute, but some more thought to be invested in that me thinks.

Ok, enough of this rather eloquently written post. I am going to watch Batman Begins so I can somehow make sense of that recent Batman movie, which I am sorry to those mega-fans amongst you (Rad), but was just not THAT great. Muddled plot. No idea what Bane was saying. Crazy loud music overlayed at all times. Overrated. Well-made. But overrated.

Look at that. You get a film review and airline review all in one post.


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