Holes and Kai-Tak

At the end of my street, there is what I will refer to as an eletrical grate. From time to time, this grate for reasons unbeknown to me – collapses in on itself. Now without adequate council-assistance, the good citizens of my area, band together to make an impromptu warning that there is a massive hole in the ground ahead. This behaviour isn’t too uncommon in Hanoi from experience.

Last time it was pretty entertainingly flagposted by way of a big plywood board stuck into the hole, about my height, with a stickfigure man drawn on with permanent marker with a sad face. Unfortunately I didn’t get a happy snap of that.

Fortunately though, this time I managed to get a shot for you all the morning after I nearly sped straight into it whilst trying to avoid getting thrown off my bike by the after-effects of typhoon Kai-tak. Unfortunately by the time I got out there in the morning, someone had removed the bright red laundry detergent bag that had been hung on the branch. But oh well, you get the idea.

p.s. if you’ve ever been to Hanoi, check out this photo that the Our Man in Hanoi blog dug up of Hoan Kiem from the afternoon of Kai-tak.


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