One night in Saigon

So, after my trip back home for the wedding in early August, I flew back into Saigon on the way home to Hanoi. I burnt a few days down there, catching up with some friends and family, whilst I waited for one of my soulmates from home – Rosa – and her sister and boyfriend, Noelle and Ed, to fly into Saigon for a quick week in Vietnam. Unfortunately, I was only able to spend a night with them, as I had to be back in Hanoi for a conference. Nonetheless, it was great fun getting to show them around one of my favourite cities.

On the cards for that day and night was of course my usual 24-hr itinerary in Saigon – grilled seafood, street beers, rooftop cocktails, lunchtime banh xeo and afternoon tea of grilled meats. Mix in there somewhere – giving the ladies their first exhilarating motorbike experience in Vietnam, and that pretty much sums up a really enjoyable day and night.

Unfortunately, the kids never made it up to Hanoi, so I couldn’t show them another city which I’ve really taken a shining to after breaking through all my hereditary -based bias against this part of the country. Oh well, next time ey Rosie?


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