Hanoi Hanoi

So. Bit of a lull in my traveling for the time being. Trying to save some pennies for 2013 and beyond so I am just camping out in Hanoi these days. It does however, give me the chance to enjoy the city, explore a few new food options which have caught my eye as of late, and host a few people passing through town.

Last night Eddy had a friend visiting from back home, so I thought I’d tag along and introduce the girls to a favourite pastime of mine in Hanoi.

Taking photos of infants at parks.

And specifically, the amazingly crowded, and haphazard parks of Hanoi full of adorable Asian infants (the best kind of infant).

Last night we visited Ly Thai To square on the edge of Hoan Kiem lake. Everyone who has been to Hanoi should be familiar with it, as it’s dedicated to everyones favorite 10th century Vietnamese emperor.

Kids were roller-blading, break dancing, skating, cycling, hacky-sacking and beating each other up everywhere you looked.  Always good fun despite it being stupidly humid last night. Photos!

This last photo is unrelated. It’s just a few of us at Katos place for her famous home-made paellaaaaa.


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