A long weekend fare-ly-welly

A couple of weekends ago, here in Vietnam, we had a long weekend thanks to National Day, a day set aside to mark the day North Vietnam declared independence from the French.

Anyways, the weekend coincided with the departure from Hanoi of a close mate – Naomi. Her year in Hanoi was up, and she was returning home, but not without a weekend of long days and evenings knocking off some of her Hanoi bucket list. One of those things on her list was to spend an afternoon riding around taking some happy snaps of Hanoi’s best memories. Unfortunately, lighting on the afternoon we headed out wasn’t too crash hot, so the shots suffered a bit. But, the good thing about Hanoi, and perhaps Vietnam, is that as it’s just so damn busy all the time, that there are great shots to be had any-time-of-the-day. I’ll keep the word count low now, and instead just throw out some photos below with the aid of captions this time round. Note, Nomes took the majority of these as I was busy chauffeuring her around.

My shooting buddy for the afternoon – Nomey

Us catching the attention of a stud at a set of lights

This scene is seriously not at all rare in Hanoi.

A local fishes with a long bamboo rod and Shimano reel in West Lake

Me sitting a top 125cc of raw sex appeal

Parking under lights

Badminton besties at Lenin Park

The lads using bricks for goals down at the park

Luke and Hils waiting for some Banh Xeo and Bun Thit Nuong at the local South-Vietnamese eatery


Unfortunately, you kind of get desensitized to these sort of images after a while

Taking a very rare walk to dinner 

Drinks at the amazing Metropole to farewell Nomes


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