Bun and Bombs

This morning, I tagged along with my housemate and her buddies at some obscene morning hour to get a dish that we first heard about here. It’s a combination of two very popular northern dishes. Bun Rieu – a traditional noodle dish built upon a great crab and tomato based broth. Anddd Bun Cha – grilled, tasty pork, served with noodles, fresh greens and herbs, and of course, nuoc mam (diluted dipping fish sauce).

Fittingly, the dish is called Bun Rieu Cha. And based on the previously mentioned link, it’s a very rare dish. Sold not far from the tourist centre of Hanoi, behind some market stalls in an alley (12 Phùng Hưng) for 30k ($1.50) a serve. Only sold for breakfast, and usually sells out quite quickly according to the stall owner. Just Bun Rieu with tasty-ass grilled pork basically. Definitely worth a visit if you can find the woman.

After breakfast, we swung by the aptly named  – B52 lake. Something you kind of take for granted living in Hanoi. It’s actually just near a good friends house, and I always rode past it in the small back alleys on the way home. Difference was, this time, I had my camera. Basically, it’s a small pond, where the remains of an American B52 remain after the North Vietnamese shot it out of the sky back in the war. Pretty impressive really. These days, it’s just in the middle of a normal Hanoi suburban area. Hell, this morning a bustling food market was taking place around it.

Just another morning in charming-ass Hanoi I guess.

This city is really growing on me.


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