My Tho and Ben Tre

I went back to the Mekong again recently. Took a few friends down with me after I’d been raving about it for the last half year to them. Changed it up a little this time by taking a quick overnight trip to My Tho (80km out of HCMC) and also trying to visit the small canals of Ben Tre, the smaller town just across the river where I do believe my mothers family originated from.

The goal was to hire a local of some sort to row us down those small canals where we’d be enveloped by tropical canopies etc. Unfortunately, the area seemingly caters solely for tour groups who visit candy factories, flower farms, crocodile centers and whatnot, so it wasn’t easy to find someone to just row us around aimlessly. Eventually I found one lady who would do it, but it the end, she would only take us for about 15minutes, so that was pretty anticlimatic.

I’ll try and drag mother back next time for some insider tips I think.

Anyways, the rest of the time down there was spent eating seafood, catching up with old friends, avoiding my aunts new pet otter (seriously) and taking photos of children in their bathers.



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