So after my last post, shit got real with the hurricane. At about 5pm local time on Monday, the winds picked up as the hurricane made landfall. Shortly after, the winds picked up something chronic, and up on the 26th floor of my sisters apartment – you could really feel the force of it all.

We were all going fine. Cheerfully having a joke about everything over some drinks, and then I noticed the windows at the opposite building had blown out. And then the power went out. And my sister and her husband lost their minds.

With my typhoon training from Hanoi however, I stayed calm. After administering a few well-timed facial slaps to both of them, they regained a semblance of composure, and we relocated to a blanket and pillow fort in the hallway, away from all the windows. There we dined on corn chips and salsa, before passing out.

We spent the next two days, entertaining ourselves as best as we could. Finally, we had to give in when they cut the gas, and we ran out of running water. We moved to a friends place over in Queens, from which I type this post.

Hopefully normality will return by the weekend, and I can post some more cliche-esque NYC photos, beyond those of the carnage below.

One of the aforementioned blown windows

The storm surge measured 12foot. T-W-E-L-V-E. Thank god I was 26floors up when it hit.

Night two. Trapped. Contemplating eating the dog before moving onto full-blown cannibalism.

p.s. thanks to all my mates who enquired about my safety. such as dear Inah here.

With her heartfelt email.


One thought on “Aftermath

  1. Like.
    Esp the photo of you guys by candlelight about to eat the dog. I hope you held off. He looks like a cuuuutteeeyy. And that you’re not dead. Peace. x

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